There's a Reason He's Not Named Sheldon Blackhouse

"Democratic racism" is redundant

Q: What do you call a Democrat who belongs to a whites-only club?
A: Traditional!

The Republican Party was founded to free the slaves who were being held by Democrats. Over 150 years later, at least one Dem isn’t quite ready to give up the old ways:

“Work our way through the issues.” Well, all I hear from the Dem-controlled media day after day is that racism is the most important issue of our time.1 “Long tradition.” Yeah, slavery was a tradition too, and it took a civil war to make the Democrats give that up.

If Sheldon Whitehouse were a Republican, he’d be hounded everywhere he goes. Every single Republican in Washington would be expected to make a statement about him. His membership in a whites-only club would be held up as further evidence of the GOP’s supposed racism.

Hell, just a couple of weeks ago, a sitcom actress was forced to grovel for forgiveness over attending a “racist ball” (it wasn’t) when she was 19 years old. Sheldon Whitehouse, a United States senator, belongs to this whites-only club today.

Will his fellow Democrats call him out on it? Anything’s possible, I guess. More likely, we’ll see another round of “Conservatives Pounce” headlines. When a Republican screws up, that’s the story. When a Democrat screws up, the GOP’s reaction is the story.

At least we can still point and laugh at those clowns and their enablers.

And apparently the Democrats are making another one of their periodic attacks on the Catholic Church. The details tend to blur together after you see them do the exact same thing 100 times in a row, but I assume they’re unhappy that Catholic teachings are… Catholic.

Look, if Joe Biden wants to kill babies, that’s not Catholic. It doesn’t matter how often he goes to church or how devout he claims to be. Catholicism is against killing babies. If he doesn’t like it, he can quit.

You don’t have to be a Catholic to recognize that. You just have to be an American. Religious freedom means if a particular faith doesn’t suit you, find another one. Start your own. Whatever. A church doesn’t belong to you. You belong to it. If that’s not what you want, then you’re in the wrong place.

Why do libs even need a religion anyway? Politics is their religion. They should just go light their Fauci prayer candles and leave the rest of America alone.

So, What Else Is Going On?

Speaking as a cuck RINO traitor who probably wanted Hillary to win, I’m on the record: I had no problem with Bad Orange Man clearing Lafayette Park of “protesters” a year ago so he could hold up a Bible in front of St. John’s Church, because it was less than 24 hours after “protesters” had tried to burn down that church.

If you set fire to a church, I don’t really care if you have to breathe a little tear gas once in a while. Maybe that’ll teach you not to set fire to churches.

Then it turned out he didn’t even give the order to clear the park in the first place. And now, here’s yet another disappointment for our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left:

No, it was not an “unprovoked attack.” Those rioters definitely provoked it. Just because the left’s boogeyman was involved in something doesn’t automatically make it evil. That’s how a child thinks, which is what journalism is now. Ignoring facts that don’t fit into your worldview is just part of the job.

They miss him so much. They don’t know what to do without him.

One of the nice things about getting old(er) is that I’m not expected to know much about TikTok. I have no interest in giving the Chinese Communist Party any of my personal information, and most of the people I’ve seen on that app run the gamut from mildly annoying to utterly repellent. But every once in a while, a TikTok video rises above the fray and genuinely fills me with nauseated despair about the future of our country.

Which gender identity is the one where you’ve already gotten over yourself? I like that one.

I’m sure @comet_fire is a lovely young lady,2 but good lord. My only hope is that the generation after this one3 utterly rejects all this nonsense. Maybe the kids of the future will try something really crazy and decide to just be sane.

I missed the anniversary last week, but 15 years ago on my birthday, Matt Lauer did a “news” special called Countdown to Doomsday. As always, the end was near. He must’ve been right, though, because when was the last time you saw Matt Lauer?

Tiana Lowe at the Washington Examiner is paying attention to what Anthony Fauci has actually been saying, not what he claims he’s been saying. That’s never good news for Fauci.

Whereas the New Yorker is content to keep kissing his ass, no matter how many times he lies to them.

What kind of lifeguard watches 600,000 people die and then says, “When you criticize me, you’re criticizing science”?

Over at NRO, Jim Geraghty says: “China Apologist Peter Daszak Has Some Explaining to Do.” I’ve given up hope that we’ll ever get any straight answers on how this pandemic started, but I’ll never trust any of these guys spewing CCP propaganda. Scientists aren’t gods. They’re human beings, every bit as fallible and corruptible as the rest of us.

Hey, what if solar panels were actually bad for the environment? What if “renewable energy” was just a ridiculous boondoggle? What if everything environmentalists have told you for years was misguided at best, if not outright dishonest?

What if?

Great news, friends: Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have a podcast now! It’s called The Handoff. You know, like “the handoff” every night when Chris’s stupid show is about to end and Don’s stupid show is about to begin, and they say stupid stuff to each other to fill the time. CNN thinks people want more of that, because apparently nobody at CNN is paying attention to their plummeting ratings.

This is not to be confused with the Hands On podcast, which features CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin.

Thanks, but no thanks. Although I might listen to a podcast where Lemon and Cuomo are handcuffed to each other and fleeing through the countryside, like Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis in The Defiant Ones. Except instead of running from the law, they’re desperately searching for a mirror to gaze into.

I’ve now watched the first three episodes of Kevin Can F**k Himself on AMC+, which I mentioned last week, and I have just one question: Why does the title character deserve to die?

It looks like this whole first season will be centered around Kevin’s wife, Whatsername, as she repeatedly tries to kill him. We’re supposed to sympathize with her — I think? — but from what we’ve seen of Kevin so far, he’s guilty of little more than being the stereotypical sitcom “lovable loser” who has existed since The Honeymooners. He doesn’t abuse her. He’s not cheating on her. He’s not monitoring her every move, and she seems to be able to come and go as she pleases. He’s just a loudmouth who doesn’t listen, and he sees her only as an extension of himself. Which ain’t great, but is it really worth the death penalty? Couldn’t she start off with something small like, I dunno, telling him why she’s unhappy? Doesn’t feminism mean standing up for yourself?

By the end of the third episode, the novelty of the half-sitcom/half-dramedy concept has worn off and the viewer is left to wonder why any of it is happening. And it just doesn’t add up. “I hate gender roles in network sitcoms” is enough material for an SNL skit, but not an hour-long weekly series.

Hell, at this point I’m only still watching because I’m rootin’ for Kevin, the guy who’s supposed to f**k himself. He’s a jerk and a buffoon, and he’s not very funny, but at least he’s not sneaking around trying to kill his spouse just for being annoying.

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Apparently I’m supposed to care about something called Critical Race Theory, and anybody who opposes it is a racist who doesn’t want the history of slavery and segregation to be taught in schools. Which is weird, because I learned about slavery and segregation in school, decades before I’d ever heard of CRT. But it all makes sense when you remember that Democrats lie about everything.


Yes, I said lady. I don’t care how she self-identifies. Making up new pronouns doesn’t erase millions of years of evolution. You don’t somehow exist outside biology. Like the man said: You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.


What comes after Z?