8/31 Is the New 9/10

If Biden learned anything from 9/11, he's forgotten it

In the weeks and months after the September 11 terror attacks, there was a lot of talk about “9/10 thinking” and “a 9/10 mentality.” Americans had been too complacent, we realized. We ignored all the warning signs that the attack was imminent. We were so blind. We dropped our guard. In retrospect, we had been foolish, but it wouldn’t happen again. A hard, painful lesson learned.

Or not.

Listening to that angry old man yelling at me yesterday, as if somehow it was my fault he completely botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, it sure felt like a return to 9/10. All the lessons of the last 20 years have been forgotten.

It seems pointless to list all the things Joe Biden lied about. Every word that came out of his rotten mouth was a lie, including “uh” and “um.” He called a failure a success, he claimed wrong was right, and he would’ve explained why down is actually up if that’s what was written on the teleprompter. He’s a liar, he’s always been a liar, and he has absolutely no incentive to stop. He’s been in Washington since Watergate and he breathes gaslight.

And despite Biden’s choice of words, his whole tone gave him away. He sure didn’t sound too victorious, huh? He was enraged. You’d be mad too, if you’d just made one of the biggest military blunders in history and you had to pretend everything was fine. Biden got what he wanted, it’s such a total disaster that even his enablers in the mainstream press can’t rescue him, and his ego can’t handle it.

When in doubt, people like that just deny reality: “How could I have been so wrong? I’m so wise and strong and good. This can’t be happening. Hey, that’s the ticket… It’s not happening!”

Biden still has a few defenders here and there, but their efforts are so pathetic that I almost feel sorry for them. They keep contradicting themselves: This is a huge victory, and also it’s entirely Trump’s fault. Biden just made Americans safer, and also screw those losers who are trapped in Afghanistan. He’s gonna get those terrorists, and also it’s good that he’s capitulating to those terrorists. Doublethink is amazing to observe.

And now, all we can do is pray that this stupid, irresponsible, dishonest old man hasn’t just opened us up to more terrorist attacks. Twenty years after 9/11, President Biden has given the Taliban more power than they’ve ever had before. They’ve got their own country, they’ve got billions in American weapons and equipment, and they’ve got hundreds if not thousands of potential American hostages.

One way or another, Joe Biden has ensured his place in the history books.

I’m sorry Biden lost his son Beau, but I’d be a lot more sympathetic if he didn’t keep using it as a Get Out of Jail Free card. Biden’s sadness about Beau’s death is not a shield against the Gold Star families whose lives have been upended by his incompetence and dishonesty.

When someone is grieving, and you’re the reason for their grief, they don’t want to hear about your problems. You’re not connecting with them; you’re one-upping them. It just makes them hate you even more, and you deserve their hatred.

Stop talking about Beau, Joe.

And stop checking your goddamn watch. How is it you’re always looking at the time, yet you’re always two hours late?

One of the Gold Star moms who has been harshly criticizing Biden just got suspended from Instagram “accidentally.” I don’t believe it was an accident. I think somebody in a cubicle in Silicon Valley didn’t like what Shana Chappell said about the president who left her son at the mercy of terrorists. Now the company has restored her account, because it’s bad publicity. They won’t tell us how or why it happened, because they never do.

They’ll silence you if they can get away with it. If they can’t get away with it, they’ll claim it was an accident.

The next time somebody uses the talking point that “those Americans were warned 19 times to leave Afghanistan,” just hit ‘em with this inconvenient fact:

He said it. He can deny saying it, but he can’t erase it from history. He told everybody that it wasn’t going to happen, and it did anyway. He went out of his way to create this outcome. And now he owns it.

Ready for some nostalgia? This was three weeks ago.

We were so much younger then.

When was the last time there was a hurricane in Louisiana and it wasn’t the president’s fault? It’s almost as if Democrats are just cynical scumbags who use other people’s suffering to grab and hold onto power.


Impeachment: American Crime Story looks to be the funniest show of the year, and the behind-the-scenes drama might be even funnier. Now Sarah Paulson is being forced to grovel for forgiveness because she gained 30 pounds and still had to wear a fat suit to play Linda Tripp. A Hollywood actress is actually apologizing for not being fat enough!

As Paulson told the LA Times:

“There’s a lot of controversy around actors and fat suits, and I think that controversy is a legitimate one. I think fat phobia is real. I think to pretend otherwise causes further harm. And it is a very important conversation to be had... I think the thing I think about the most is that I regret not thinking about it more fully... Should I have known? Abso-f—ing-lutely. But I do now. And I wouldn’t make the same choice going forward.”

Yeah, okay. Well, it’s acting, and actors gain or lose weight for the roles they play. Robert De Niro set that standard decades ago, back when he still cared about his work. Hell, Christian Bale has lost and gained a literal ton of weight over his career. Why can’t a woman feed her face for her craft?

As for the fat suit… Are actors now prohibited from wearing wigs? Prosthetics? Makeup? Isn’t the whole point of theater to make actors look like people they’re not?

It’s gonna be fun to watch the #WokeGeneration pick up all the old arguments about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Was she a jezebel? Was he a rapist? Which is the proper feminist response: screaming at Bill for exploiting a powerless young woman, or lauding Monica for empowering herself sexually? If Hillary is such a strong survivor, why didn’t she leave the bastard? Why is she still married to him, even after she failed to ride his coat-tails back into the White House? Is Linda Tripp a conniving bitch for stabbing her “friend” in the back, or is she an American heroine for (ahem) exposing Slick Willie?

I can’t wait to watch this stupid show and enjoy all the stupid arguments it causes. It’s gonna be so awful all over again!

Last week, Gene Simmons decided to start a feud with David Lee Roth. This week, Simmons reaped the whirlwind:

This is what happens when the KISS Army goes up against the DLR Army.


Seriously, though, Gene’s a dickweed but I hope he gets well soon. Just the other day he was ranting about vaccine mandates on a Los Angeles radio station. He’s in favor of mandates, and I’m not sure whether getting COVID anyway proves him right or wrong. Depends on how sick he gets, I guess.1

Paul Stanley, who was actually nice to Diamond Dave after Simmons slandered the superior rocker, is already on the mend:

If syphilis hasn’t killed these guys, what chance does COVID have?

Last week when the Simmons/Roth feud kicked off, I went on a KISS listening binge just to verify my vague opinion that Van Halen is the superior band. I am absolutely right, and if you disagree, you should listen to Music from “The Elder.” Even in the late Van Hagar years, VH never put out an album that bad.2

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I’m against mandates because this is America and there’s this thing called liberty. My body, my choice. I’m vaccinated because I think it’s the right thing to do, and what you choose to do is none of my concern. But apparently, not bossing people around is now considered fascist.


“I Love It Loud” is still a jam, though. Eric Carr was a much better drummer than Peter Criss. If that song had been a bigger hit, maybe KISS would’ve kept the makeup and made heavier music in the ‘80s. Although decades later, the “Lick It Up” video ended up being worth it just for the YouTube comments. “Gene looks like that one uncle everyone has that just randomly disappears for 8 years then comes back for 2 days.” LOL!