I'm just stunned by the idea that no one in America's gigantic intelligence and defense communities had a dissenting opinion that things would NOT be fine and the Afghan leadership and army AREN'T strong, contrary to what Biden told us this summer, and that it wouldn't be what actually happen.

I mean, they had worked in this country for 20 years. That's a whole career for some of them.

They knew the character of the leaders and soldiers they trained, their martial abilities, their culture, their religion. You telling me nobody stood up and said, "Uh, their conscripts are unmotivated and high on hash all the time, their officers are cowards who will make a deal rather than fight, and their leaders sleazy kleptocrats with helicopters to elsewhere gassed up and ready to go. They're going to fold faster that Superman on laundry day?"

Nobody? Not a single analyst or general? No officer or NCO who worked with their military? Everybody at the White House who in their hearts knew that Biden was going to straight up lie to the world? Incredible.

Instead, we got sunshine piped up our skirts for months and now Biden is angry we didn't appreciate that.

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I was 12 or 13 when KISS first hit it big. Even at that age I knew they were pathetic try-hards.

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Point of information: Beau Biden died of cancer. His death, while a tragedy for the Biden family, has nothing to do with military service or sacrifice.

Hunter served in the military, too. How come his Dad doesn't bring him up as a shining example of his family's commitment to service?

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