Vaccinated People Are Shrugging Off COVID-19, Which Should Be Good News

But good news doesn't sell

Remember when everybody freaked out about Lindsey Graham getting COVID-19? It was just two weeks ago. The libs were all high-fiving each other, cheering for him to die. It just reaffirmed their belief that those dirty Republicans deserve illness and death, and they’re all anti-vaxxers, and other such nonsense. But Graham didn’t die, because he’s vaccinated. By the time the news broke, he said he was already feeling better. And within a day or two, everybody had forgotten about it. I wrote a whole thing about it, and I barely even remember it. Just a blip. Barely newsworthy.

Rush Limbaugh called these liberal hysterics “the drive-by media,” because they just spray a bunch of crap at their target and then speed off to the next one. They don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They don’t listen to the people they leave behind. They achieve nothing, learn nothing, and amount to nothing, and they get paid for it. Why would they want to change?

Well, here’s their next target.

The bad news is that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has COVID-19. The good news is that he’s vaccinated and feels fine.

These vaccines work. That’s good. That’s the whole idea. This is how it’s supposed to work.

And, also, in addition to that, Gov. Abbott has slapped down mask and vaccine mandates in Texas. He believes in liberty. He doesn’t think the state knows how to run your life better than you do.

Abbott got the virus he admits he can’t stop, and liberals see that as some sort of vindication:

Abbott doesn’t allow government to require it. He doesn’t allow government to require it. These libs can’t even hear themselves.

What does one thing have to do with the other? Abbott hasn’t banned masks. If you want your kid to wear a mask, he isn’t stopping you. And he isn’t stopping anybody from getting vaccinated. If anything, he’s a test case for why you should get vaccinated. He’s a vaccine success story.

If something is good, authoritarians like the fellows above will tell you the government should mandate it. Abbott disagrees, and so do I. If you choose to risk illness and death by taking no precautions against a deadly virus, it’s not the role of government to force you.

I find mask zealots just as bewildering as anti-vaxxers. Unless you seal yourself in an airtight underground bunker for the rest of your life, this virus is going to get into your body eventually. It’s just inevitable. It’s a virus. That’s what viruses do. But you don’t have to get sick and you don’t have to die. A cloth mask isn’t going to keep you from breathing it in, but these vaccines will keep it from hurting you.

But everybody has gone insane, and they have every incentive to stay insane because that stokes fear. And fear generates money while keeping people compliant.

It’s like Ace in the Hole explained 70 years ago:

Even legacy media outlets are turning on Biden during his Afghanistan debacle. I doubt this brief moment of sanity will last, but I’m frankly surprised. An elected Democrat really has to screw up to get this sort of treatment from the press. Maybe abandoning thousands of Americans and our allies to die on foreign soil, and emboldening terrorists while handing over our weapons to them, is a bit worse than perjuring yourself over a blowjob.

Has Biden earned an impeachment yet? They impeached Trump for inciting a riot, and I’d say surrendering to the Taliban and then shuffling back to Camp David is a bit worse. The 1/6 riot was a disgrace, but the Afghanistan debacle is a crime against humanity. How many more people have to suffer and die because of this nitwit’s incompetence and dishonesty?

Biden was elected fair and square, and now he should be impeached fair and square. He’s unfit for the office of president, and I sure am glad I didn’t vote for him or claim it was a good idea. If you did, your guilty conscience is not my problem.

Michael Moore is coming to Substack. Yay! I’m sure he’ll make lots of money with genius takes like this one:

I don’t want to say Michael Moore blurts this $#!+ out without thinking it through, but... If the Taliban are just another version of the MAGA-heads, why did Biden just hand them an entire country?

Our Taliban are all in jail, and their Taliban just opened up all their jails. Just one subtle little difference.

But Michael Moore doesn’t care about any of that, because Michael Moore is a hatemonger. It’s made him rich and famous, and he’s not about to stop now.

Look out, Taliban. The United Nations is right on your tail!

Those 7th Century barbarians had better stop all that raping and murdering, or the UN will Karen the heck out of ‘em.

I’ve been locked out of my Twitter account five times over the past six months. Usually it has something to do with masks, or vaccines, or something else related to the coronavirus. You’re only supposed to say certain things about this certain disease, in a certain preapproved way. Don’t step out of line or the algorithm will get you.1

Which is annoying, but as a libertarian, I accept it.2 That’s Jack Dorsey’s platform and he can do what he wants with it. But it does make make me grit my teeth at a headline like this:

Twitter says Taliban can stay on platform if they obey rules

Twitter banned a sitting president of the United States, but they have no problem with the barbarians who just took over Afghanistan after Biden abandoned it. That doesn’t seem fair even to me, a cuck RINO traitor who probably wanted Hillary to win.

Tiana Lowe at the Washington Examiner writes about “The vindication of #NeverBiden conservatives.” I suppose I qualify. Trump fans hate me because I refused to vote for their guy, and Biden fans — who do exist, believe it or not — hate me because I refused to vote for their guy. Well, this past week has proven me right.

Just because I don’t like Trump, or Biden, or any other politician, that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my principles. I still believe the same things I believed before any particular guy was elected. I don’t see every single thing in the entire world through the prism of one man I don’t particularly like, and I didn’t become a Democrat just because the Republicans elected a dud. That’s why there’s no place for me at the Bulwark or the Lincoln Project, and that’s fine by me.

And if it angers people without principles, I don’t care. I welcome their hatred. The First Amendment says you have the right to worship whoever or whatever you want, and I have the right to abstain from worshipping a politician.

The Squad’s war on rent continues, as does the friendly fire. Yesterday we learned that openly communist lawmaker Ayanna Pressley earns income from a rental property, despite publicly advocating the banning of rent itself. Now her fellow commie Rashida Tlaib has been exposed as a landlord as well. All those “Democratic Socialists” out there must be pretty disappointed in these two traitors to the cause.

Who’s next? Ilhan Omar? The queen bee, AOC herself? Stay tuned!

Ladies and gentlemen: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What a she-ithead.

This week there was a whole dumb Twitterversy about a British woman who wrote an Asian noodle cookbook, and then a #woke lady got mad because the British woman is white and therefore shouldn’t cook noodles or something, and I was trying to decide if I should even try to explain it because it’s so stupid, but then I saw Daniel Payne already did.

“Cultural appropriation” is not a thing. That’s just called culture.

I think white people should be allowed to cook and consume food, no matter where the recipe originated. If enjoying dishes from other lands makes me a white supremacist, then I’ll see all you other Nazis at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

Great news from the world of science:

This is a terrific development and I just don’t see how it could go wrong.

“Gee, Rick, I dunno if this is a good idea!”
“Yeah, d-don’t [BELCHES, COCKS PLASMA GUN] don’t worry about it, Morty…”

And this is fine too:

Just add whirling razor blades for hands and this is every nightmare I had as a child.

Lab-grown mini-brains with eyes. Acrobatic robots that jump around like Spider-Man. If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that scientists know what they’re doing and none of it can cause us any harm.

If you’re a fan of violent video games, but not such a fan of human biology, you’ll be glad to learn that the Rainbow Six franchise just added its first transgender operator. Osa, AKA Anja Katarina Janković, was born male but now identifies as a woman. She might not be able to stop the Taliban from raping half of Afghanistan,3 but at least she can stop you from misgendering her.

Happy 85th Birthday to Robert Redford! I’m not sure about the age of the muskrat perched on top of his head.

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