If You Film Yourself Screaming at a Politician in a Public Toilet, You Are Insane

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Once again, the Democratic Party wants to spend a bunch of money we don’t have on a bunch of crap we don’t need. (What do they care? It’s not their money, it’s yours.) And once again, people who are too dumb to realize they’re the bad guys are trying to help the Democrats.

Here’s something you shouldn’t do, unless your goal is to alienate every sane person who sees it:

The thing about uptalk? You know, the style of speaking where your voice pitches up at the end of every statement so it sounds like a question? Is that it makes you sound like a stupid little girl?

And once you’ve done that thing you shouldn’t do, you definitely shouldn’t follow it up by rationalizing the thing you shouldn’t have done:

There’s a lot of talk about “privilege” these days, but you know who’s really privileged? If you’re living in a country illegally, and you follow an elected official of that country into a restroom to scream at her while filming it, and the only consequence is that people on the internet tell you that you’re wrong, the only person who’s privileged in that situation is you.

You’re not holding a politician accountable by screaming at her while she’s using the toilet. You’re just a bad person.

UPDATE: Senator Simena responds.

Another day, another hate-crime hoax: Black woman in Douglasville [GA] accused of pretending to be white man, threatening neighbors. The woman, Terresha Lucas, went around to her black neighbors and left notes threatening to kill them and burn down their homes. She claimed to be a Klansman, because that’s a big part of the fantasy.

These hate-crime hoaxes keep happening because they keep working. Libs want to believe the Ku Klux Klan is still a threat. And if reality won’t give them what they want because it’s 2021 and not 1921, they’ll just make something up.

Hell, there are still people who insist Jussie Smollett is some sort of victim. “Okay, so maybe white guys in MAGA hats didn’t actually attack him. But don’t you realize he’s a gay black man living in America? How dare you?!?”

I'm vaccinated, but if I were at all hesitant, I'm sure I could only be convinced by this lunatic bellowing at me:

If you disagree with Keith Olbermann’s politics, you shouldn’t labor under the misconception that he cares about you as a human being. He just likes feeling superior to other people, and the Chinese virus is a perfect opportunity. If he wasn’t yelling at you about vaccines, he would be yelling at you about something else. The yelling is the point. The yelling is all he has left.

That goes for all of ‘em:

#YouMightBeALiberal if you think health care is a right, and it only extends to people who do what you tell them to do.

Watched Young Tony, AKA The Many Saints of Newark.

Hey, remember Goodfellas? Remember Casino? Then you’ve already seen this movie. The only reason for this thing to exist is so James Gandolfini’s son can play a teenage version of Tony Soprano, which is… underwhelming. Michael Gandolfini looks the part, but he doesn’t make you believe he’s the same guy. And we also see younger versions of Paulie Walnuts and Silvio and Uncle Junior, which makes this a sort of Jim Henson’s Mafia Babies. Most bizarrely, the whole thing is presented as a tale told by the disembodied ghost of Christopher Moltisanti, who keeps popping up in voiceover to whine about Tony killing him. Christuhfuh is even more obnoxious dead than he was alive.

There’s also some ham-fisted BLM stuff centered around the 1967 Newark riots, and our protagonists are dependably racist. Personally, I find white criminals every bit as loathsome as African-American criminals, which is why I never worshipped Tony or anybody else on The Sopranos.

The movie is supposed to be about how growing up in a crime family turned Tony into a criminal, but he’s a rotten little brat from the moment we first see him. Tony’s mother didn’t make him a bad person. Dickie Moltisanti didn’t make him a bad person. He chose to be a bad person. At least on the show he was interesting to watch.

On the bright side, the worst film Alan Taylor has ever directed is no longer Terminator Genisys.

Okay, I was partially wrong about James Austin Johnson on SNL. I predicted he was hired to do his uncanny Trump impression, because the show doesn’t want to mock Biden. Instead… he mocked Biden! Well, sort of. He did a Biden impression that sorta sounded kinda like Biden, vaguely. And the show at least acknowledged that Biden’s presidency isn’t going well. But then they compared the presidency to a car’s oil light: You don’t want to think about it until you have to. Which, considering Biden is screwing everything up worse than Trump ever did, is not quite accurate. And the whole premise of the sketch was that Biden should get a rubber stamp because he’s a Democrat, so that sucked.

When Republicans are in power, SNL depicts them as evil. When Democrats are in power, SNL depicts them as too ineffectual to stop those evil Republicans. The joke is never on the Democrats, because everybody in that building is a Democrat.

This season Lorne also hired Sarah Sherman, AKA Sarah Squirm, who answers the immortal question: “What if Emma Stone and Pee-Wee Herman had a 12-year-old son?”

Wow, that actually worked!

David Lee Roth is retiring. From what, I don’t know. When Eddie died, the music died with him.

Speaking of Diamond Dave, I was enjoying his brief feud with Gene Simmons, but I’m glad Gene apologized for being such a jerk:

The KISS Army surrenders to the DLR Army. As it should be.

It’s been a couple of decades since I read Y: The Last Man, but did the comic feature a cult that worships Radiohead? That seems way too obnoxious even for Y: The Last Man.

The LA Times has a really good question:

Maybe socialism isn’t the future of comedy itself, but it’s definitely the future of these losers. Socialism is perfect for unsuccessful comedians, because the whole philosophy is about blaming your failures on someone else.

And don’t worry, wrongthink among these socialists will be punished accordingly:

“What’s important to me is to be solution-orientated,” [Jessica] Zepeda says. “If someone [screws] up on stage, we’re not going to kick them out. There’s going to be accountability. We tell people to act better, and give them no tools. We need to have sensitivity training.”

Unapproved laughter will not be tolerated. Offenders will be reeducated. Comedy is not funny.

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