Jen Psaki Hates Being Reminded How Much Biden Is Like Trump

Calm down, Peppermint Patty

Want to make Jen Psaki mad? Want to really raise her hackles? Just compare her boss to Bad Orange Man. Oh buddy, she does not like that!

“Who? Who are we talking about here? Who’s saying that the president is like Trump?” Um, everybody. Watching this dimwit bristle at the truth is quite enjoyable.

At least Trump had the excuse of never holding elected office before 2017, and having no idea what he was doing. Biden was supposed to be the alternative to that. He was the insider. The old hand. The guy who’s been in Washington since Watergate. Yet he’s screwing up even worse than Trump ever did. It turns out the Dems shouldn’t have nominated the only candidate who’s even older and dumber than Trump.

I also like the optics of these White House press briefings: The lowly serf journos are sitting there in their masks, while the member of the landed nobility stands above them, proudly barefaced. Again and again, the Democrats show us what they actually believe: Rules are for the weak.

Biden’s presidency is in free-fall, and he’s relying on Peppermint Patty to defend him. No wonder she’s losing it. LOL!

The mask-scolding is getting to be a bit much, isn’t it? Everybody’s tired of being harangued about masks, which don’t do much good anyway. Here’s a Politico reporter indulging in some recreational shaming:

The problem, as she was quickly informed, is that this is Rep. Tom McClintock giving a Capitol tour to the family of Sgt. Nicole Gee, one of the 13 Marines who was killed by a suicide bomber during Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan.


Presumably those people are all vaccinated. And if not, it doesn’t exactly look crowded in there. I think Politico’s Heather Caygle will be okay.

When informed of this, the journo was unmoved:

Every day I see Democrats walking around without masks, and the journos don’t care. At ball games, even:

Nobody in the press is complaining about the lack of masks, because it’s Biden and Pelosi. It’s good to be a Democrat.

So the government isn’t shutting down today. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The constitutional structure of the Senate isn't a problem until the libs don’t get what they want.

Yeah, um… that’s how the Senate works. That’s how the Senate has always worked, as per the United States Constitution. If you don’t like it, amend the Constitution. The process to do that is delineated in… the Constitution. It’s all right there, written down hundreds of years ago by guys who were a lot smarter and more honest than Ari Melber.

Joe Rogan thinks he’s a tough guy, but he’s finally met his match:

This is the funniest thing Cenk Uygur has said since he claimed to be more popular than Rush Limbaugh.

It’ll never happen, because Cenk may be an idiot but he’s not that much of an idiot. Rogan would cripple him and he knows it. This lame-brained boast will get him and his stupid show some attention for a day or two, so it’s worth the mockery and humiliation.

Now, if Cenk challenged Rogan to a pie-eating contest…

Saturday Night Live is back this weekend, and this season Lorne has made his best hire in decades:

James Austin Johnson captures not only how Trump talks, but how Trump thinks. I assume he’ll be the new Trump on SNL. This will be a relief to both Alec Baldwin, who hates playing Trump, and the audience, who hates watching Alec Baldwin play Trump.

In case you’re still confused: SNL needs somebody to play Trump, who is no longer president, because they can’t do Biden jokes or their audience will get angry and tweet mean things about it.

Now we’re getting a director’s cut of Rocky IV, a mere 36 years after it premiered. Presumably this edition restores the original ending, where Ivan Drago wins and Rocky gets even more brain damage.

Looks good to me. The world could always use a little more Dolph Lundgren.

Scarlett Johansson finally got what she wanted out of the Walt Disney Company, apparently, because now they’re all making nice.

I guess Disney wanted to put this behind them before Black Widow premieres on basic Disney Plus next week. You can call Johansson greedy, but she’s not nearly as greedy as the massive megacorporation that tried to rip her off. She’s been a part of the MCU since almost the beginning, and they should’ve shown more respect.

And I don’t even like the character that much. It’s just the principle of the thing.

Now that Marvel is diving headfirst into the whole multiverse idea, it’ll be easy as pie to resurrect Black Widow or any other dead character. Just say she’s another Natasha Romanoff from another dimension. Boom, done.

Nobody ever really dies in the comics. Hell, Bucky was dead for 40 years before Marvel figured out a way to bring him back and squeeze more money out of him. The only comic-book character who has ever really stayed dead is Peter Parker’s uncle, Ben. And presumably it’s just a matter of time before Marvel brings him back. DC has already brought back Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s murdered father and the inspiration for Batman’s war on crime. That dude was dead for like 75 years before DC dug him up. Uncle Ben will be back too, mark my words.

Who will be the next James Bond? And a related question: Who gives a $#!+?

The other day, Dave Grohl revealed that he almost joined GWAR before he joined Nirvana. Now GWAR lead singer Blothar the Berserker has responded:

“Just think, he could have been working his ass off playing drums in a rubber monster suit all these years. Boy did he make the wrong choice.”

Oh, that Blothar the Berserker!

Thanks for reading. TGIF, amirite? As soon as I publish this, I’m gonna try to stay off the internet for the weekend. I say that every weekend, but I’m really doing it this time. My brain needs a break. I need to have just a couple of days where I don’t care who’s being stupid online. Wish me luck.

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