Did Nancy Pelosi really say that. Amazing. And she is running our country. God help us.

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Re: Biden. I am no fan, but come on, man. Who hasn't struggled with a suitcoat on occasion, especially in the wind. The other clips? Yeah, disturbing.

Re: Mar-a-Lago. I may have missed a memo, but do two wrongs now make a right? I would much prefer to live in a country where the FBI *wasn't* used as a political weapon, by anybody. So if the Republicans could de-weaponize it, and extract their revenge in other, more appropriate ways, that would be great, thanks.

Re: Pelosi. Stupid, yes. But racist? How? I mean, yeah, of course, everything is. But, seriously: how?

Finally, did I read correctly? Last week a new Ana de Armas movie was released, and you were worried about how she *sounds*?!? Dude. Seriously.

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Regarding the abuse of law and order: Just ready for that pendulum to swing the other way... any day now, I'm sure.

Anyone who thinks that any justice will be done to any Democrats as a result of what is going on with Trump, don't count on it. Nothing will ever happen to Hunter Biden, the Big Guy, or any of them. If you want justice on this side of the hereafter, you will be sorely disappointed.

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Criticizing the author here feels like knocking on someone’s door to tell them their car is ugly. Who asked me what I think?

And, also, as well.. heh…

I think raiding a former presidents home is a big deal and if it turns out to be as legally sound as the previous attacks, then it’s a true threat to democracy.

If it’s a threat to say republicans may reciprocate, then it’s odd to claim indifference on it now.

By the way, I am sure your car is very pretty.

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I'll sort of give Biden a pass on his jacket-in-the-wind routine. However: Forgetting you've just shaken someone's hand seconds earlier?! NOT wearing a mask, coughing into both hands and then shaking hands?!

Also, if anyone honestly thinks the WH (which may not have actually included Biden!) was not cued in on this Banana Republic raid, have another sip of Kool-Aid.

Watching Sussman get acquitted by a lawless DC jury--and yes, juries' verdicts are sacrosanct--and Steve Bannon not allowed to put on a defense and get convicted (after no charges were brought against Eric Holder and Lois Lerner, both of whom were held in contempt by Congress), all orchestrated by "Obama judges," we are all witnesses to Double Standards by DOJ and the FBI. (Peter Navarro shackled?! A true WTF moment.)

Pelosi does have fits of lucidity; this is not one of them.

We are six days from the anniversary of the fall of Kabul. Everyone better get out and vote.

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Lot of stuff here, even without the Saul stuff.

But that article pounding Republicans for for not dancing to the media's tune is incredibly dim-witted, even for NPR. (And it evidently took at least 2 dimwits to produce.) Oh, sorry Dimwits of the World United, but they are giving you a bad name and should be cast out.

Anyway, I could fisk just about every sentence, but a couple of things were incredible noticeable. 1) There are only "liberal" and "far-right" media. That's odd, and it seems to me that there could be a market for 'news' from a "far-left" perspective. Just saying.

2) "CBS's Robert Costa confronted a man who was blocking press from entry." I'm too lazy to look up his background, but his understanding of the First Amendment truly sucks. Remember, this is a "private event" (i.e. not an official act by an elected official), and just like Twitter and Facebook and all the others can ban anyone for any reason. Just like you 'splained to the rubes earlier.

I did look up the very unimpressive NPR woman (man? bi-curious?LGBTQRNMNOP? "Damnit, Jim!!? I'm a doctor, not a biologist!!) and sure enough, she's an English major and had as MA in some jumped-up Global Communications. Gah!

I suppose I should add 3) "there are fewer and fewer outlets who can provide a broad view of what's going on in American politics." By this she obviously means NPR and the MSM, who are famous, for broad, fact-filled but neutral overviews of American politics. Hopeless, she's hopeless.

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BTW: Did I mention Kevin Clinesmith ALTERING A WARRANT APPLICATION who was convicted but, like McCabe, unpunished? Double standard, anyone?

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Holy cow! I forgot to mention the NPR article referring to an "election denier." OK. I see what they're going for, and repeated efforts to make "fetch" er, ah, uh . . ."The Big Lie" efforts have bombed, because, well because President Joe Biden. I mean which Big Lie are we referencing here?

Anyway, what the hell is an "election denier"? Does he deny that elections happen? Does he deny that elections have ever happened? Does he claim there's no evidence that elections exist? What the actual hell, strictly neutral, non-biased, really not Far-Left, broad overview NPR person??? What are we to take from this?

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