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First: Good insight. Disney hacks racialize something (everything), someone says something perhaps intemperate or just that he's sick of it, and The Woke jump on it. One can only hope people boycott it. I have the Disney+ bundle and thought it was a good deal--until grooming children became Disney's <<raison d'etre>>. It'll be gone by next month's billing.

Thanks for the reminder of Orson Welles.

Second: I can't believe you didn't cover Tucker's bombshell: The FBI had a "secure workspace" in Perkins-Coie's law firm?!


My God, the FBI is corrupt! At the same time, Wray testified just days ago that the FBI was "working with" Durham. How? By spying on him?!

Third: Makes Wednesday feel like Garfield's Monday.

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Love your Macbeth line. I took my son to see it in the theater. We thought it was great. Got a trailer for The Northman, which we also subsequently saw. Also great.

If there was a Black thing, it was in the MacDuff persecution. But white people have been murdered in that role for ages, so I let it slip with barely a comment.

We understand. Move on.

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Given that even Twitter brass admit 5% of accts are fake, what are odds that some if not most of the "racist trolls" are really woke warriors giving themselves a foil to rail against?

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Ethan Klein used to be pretty "normal" and somewhat conservative. Then he decided to get on the side of "Big Sis," so now he's protected. Like you said, it must be when you do something that would get other creators banned for ever. E3 is just Walmart discount brand Young Turks.

There are some excellent content creators out there, ones who are independent and make some very funny stuff. One of my favorites is "It's A Gundam" who I recommend to any and everyone, even if they don't ask. You didn't ask, but you talked about YouTube, so I have to recommend Papa Gundam.

But what do I know? All I know is that there is a paucity of YouTubers blogging about the day to day concerns of bike riding ducks.

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Hey. What the Voltarol update?

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