It's a Bad Day for Democrats, Which Makes It a Great Day for America


At this point in the history of the 21st Century, I tend to err on the side of pessimism. I assumed Terry McAuliffe was going to win the Virginia gubernatorial race, because the state is controlled by Democrats and they’re corrupt and dishonest and stupid. I figured it would be nice if that Youngkin fellow pulled off an upset, but I wasn’t hopeful.

But as it turns out, it was a mistake to call parents “terrorists” for caring about what their kids are being taught in schools. Trying to tie a mild-mannered candidate like Glenn Youngkin to Donald Trump was a mistake. Planting fake Nazis at GOP rallies was a mistake. Pretty much everything the McAuliffe campaign did was a mistake. So it’s a pleasant surprise that those creeps were thwarted.

The resulting hysteria and misery of professional Democrats everywhere is a nice bonus. Last night I flipped around between CNN and MSNBC in the background (with the sound off, because I’m not that much of a masochist), and the dumb anchors’ body language kept getting more and more amusing. And even after it was obvious that Youngkin had won, the chyron still said “TOO CLOSE TO CALL.” Because the first stage of grief is denial.

And what have they learned? As usual: nothing.

Terry McAuliffe is so white that he makes Joe Biden look like Joe Louis, but sure, he lost because of white supremacy. Their only explanation for losing an election is racism. That’s all they’ve got left, even after it cost them this election.

(Incidentally, Kirsten Powers just published a book called Saving Grace. If this is how she saves it, I’m not sure she actually knows what it is.)

Democrats vs. Parents. That’s the strategy. Just because it failed miserably last night, that doesn’t mean the Democrats were wrong. It just means parents are even more evil than those stalwart Dems ever imagined!

Maybe it was a mistake to tell suburban moms that they’re racists for wanting to know what’s going on in their kids’ schools. Maybe that’s not a great way to keep them voting Democrat. Maybe this is a Red (Wine) Wave.

Well, it’s heartening that Virginia is as tired of the Democrats as the rest of us are. Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin, and to everybody who enjoys watching Democrats struggle to cope with being rejected by the voters. Tee-hee!

By the way, this woman was just elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia:

A strong, beautiful black woman with a gun. God bless America! Now I can’t wait for my moral, ethical, and intellectual betters to explain why Winsome Sears is actually a white supremacist.

All they have to do is not be crazy. And they can’t do it.

I also assumed McAuliffe would claim the election was stolen, so once again I’m pleasantly surprised:

Values like, um… calling parents racists, and lying about the number of kids who’ve gotten COVID-19, and planting fake Nazis at your opponent’s campaign rallies.

McAuliffe embraced noted election denier Stacey Abrams during the campaign. Now she must be disappointed that he’s giving up so easily, just because he clearly lost the election. Since when is that an excuse?!?

I never really noticed until now, but McAuliffe looks like the Joker when he put on pancake makeup and trashed the art museum. They even dance the same!

In other welcome election night news, the socialist who was running for mayor of Buffalo got blown out by the guy she beat in the Democratic primary. The voters wrote him in anyway. And both candidates are black, so it’s kinda tough to blame it on white supremacy.

If a socialist losing an election in the United States of America doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I’m glad you’re mad.

And there’s still more bad news for Democrats with insane ideas that can only lead to more misery and suffering:

After rioters burned down half the city last year, it turns out the voters don’t actually want to abolish the police. They’re smarter than their leaders.

I assume this means the Democrats will now double down on #DefundThePolice. After all, they know better than the voters who are actually forced to deal with the consequences of Dem policies.

Credit where it’s due: At least one Democrat has the good sense right now to just shut up.

I don’t really pay attention to the whole QAN*n thing, because I’ve lost interest in science fiction. But apparently a bunch of those fine folks held a rally at Dealey Plaza yesterday because they believed John F. Kennedy Jr. would reappear (he faked his death in 1999, y’see) and announce that Donald Trump is still the president.

I know, right? It just makes sense!

I don’t suppose there’s anything to add, really. They’re obviously right. That’s exactly what happened.

Great news! Twitter is now “taking aim at climate misinformation.” If you say something about global warming that hasn’t been approved by your masters, you will be censored. Because that’s how science works. How can we have science if people are allowed to debate?

The more I try to understand non-fungible tokens, the less sense they make. So of course, The Matrix franchise is now doing NFTs. I can only assume this is one of Agent Smith’s nefarious tricks, but I’ll be keeping my money in my pocket, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and Elijah Wood bought an NFT of some stupid cartoon, and now he’s in trouble because the same artist did some racist cartoons for Hustler in the ‘70s. That’s somehow Wood’s fault, because he’s supposed to be an expert on cartoons from porno mags that were published before he was born.

Everything is stupid and I’d like to wake up from this nightmare now.

Thanks for reading. How is it only Wednesday? It feels more like… 2027.

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