If Trans Women Are Women, What Does That Make Women?

Man oh man

If a man walks into a women-only space, such as a restroom or changing room, and he exposes his genitals to the women and girls inside, what should happen to him?

Hold on, hold on, I’m not done: What if the man who’s exposing himself claims to identify as a woman? Now what should happen to him?

If your answer to both questions is the same, obviously you’re a transphobe. You think just because somebody is biologically male, with visibly male genitalia, that means science has anything to do with how he feels. I mean she. How she feels. Clearly, the feelings of a trans woman are more important than the feelings of a genetic female. Any woman in a locker room who doesn’t want to look at some dude’s dong is just a bigot.

For the latest example of this mind-bending lunacy, let’s go to Ian Spiegelman and Rebekah Brandes at Los Angeles magazine:

Mineral salt massages and hydro-dermabrasion facials weren’t enough to calm the nerves of some patrons at Wi Spa over the weekend. The tony Koreatown health club became the scene of a showdown over nudity in gendered spaces after a customer confronted spa staff about a trans woman with male genitals being allowed to disrobe in the spa’s female section. The ruckus was caught on camera and quickly went viral on Twitter on Sunday, fueling a furious online debate—with threats of a boycott against the spa—about the rights of trans people to use women’s spaces versus the rights of cisgender females to not be exposed to male anatomy.

Here’s the video:

This woman needs to run for president. And the hipster trying to mansplain to her needs to run and find a biology textbook.1

I get called a sexist and misogynist a lot, because I dare to disagree with people I think are wrong even if they’re women. Somehow treating everybody equally is bigoted, and yet it’s not sexist or misogynist to force women and girls to put up with naked men at the spa?

If speaking out against that is “right-wing,” then most of the population of America is “right-wing.” Normal people don’t want perverts exposing themselves to women. Normal people don’t want their daughters to quit sports because they’re forced to compete with boys. Normal people don’t think there’s anything wrong with being normal.

This whole campaign isn’t about fostering acceptance of people who are different. It’s about making us submit to insanity and gaslighting us into believing it’s sane. It’s bonkers to believe women’s rights end when a man declares himself a woman. It’s the most misogynistic thing I’ve ever even heard of.

And if you have any problem with what I just said, I identify as a nonbinary lesbian trans woman and therefore you have no right to criticize me. Shame on you.

Speaking of self-chosen identity:

We’re supposed to use the pronoun “they” instead of “he” because this person is crazy in at least two ways.

This one’s a brain-teaser, innit? On the one hand, this is obviously cultural appropriation. This guy absolutely is not Korean, no matter how much he mutilates his face. But on the other hand, the central tenet of trans ideology is that human biology is secondary to the emotional state of the individual. If a man feels like woman, he magically transforms into one. Why shouldn’t the same thing apply to race?

It doesn’t, of course, because the whole thing is nuts. A white man isn’t a non-binary Korean just because he says so. Future historians will look back on this whole era and laugh their asses off: “Those freaks actually convinced themselves biology isn’t even a thing!”

So, What Else Is Going On?

Over at the Washington Examiner, Charles Fain Lehman makes a convincing case for what he calls the Minneapolis effect. Namely: When politicians and the media demonize the police, the crime rate soars.

If you don’t think so, just take a look at all the Democrats suddenly distancing themselves from #DefundThePolice after spouting it for a year. It’s been a disaster and they know it. Now all they can do is blame the Republicans and assume their enablers in the media won’t ask any questions. Which is always a good bet when Democrats screw up.

When you reward a behavior, you get more of it. Just look at Portland. They wanted to get rid of the cops, and that’s great news for criminals. Now the city is actually rewarding rioters for tearing down statues of U.S. presidents. No wonder Portland has become a destination spot for riot tourism. It’s like Disneyland, but somehow even worse.

Ladies and gentlemen: Journalism.

How delightful! Finally, a president who can enjoy some ice cream without the press shrieking in thwarted rage.

In other presidential “news,” I don’t wanna question the wisdom of noted political expert Ezra Klein, but…

If being Vice President is too tough for Kamala, what makes you think she’s ready for a promotion?

The House of Representatives just voted to remove a bunch of statues of Democrats from the Capitol. If Dems want to destroy the evidence that their party fought a bloody war to keep their slaves, I guess I can’t blame them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, who was moaning about “impending doom2 just three months ago, is now telling us we don’t need to wear masks if we’re vaccinated against COVID-19. Uh, yeah, we’re way ahead of you on that one, Shelley.

Walensky could go back to doomsaying at any moment, so please allow me to enjoy this brief moment of sanity.

That condo collapse in Florida was really horrible, and I was surprised political partisans didn’t instantly leap on it to prove whatever point they’re always trying to prove. I figured maybe everybody had decided to show some restraint and common sense for once.

I should’ve known better.

Actual human beings died in that disaster, and I just hope none of their loved ones saw Granholm spewing this garbage. They probably didn’t, because it was on CNN.

New York City’s mayoral primary is a mess, and I say it’s time to just give up on the whole place. Surround the city with a 50-foot concrete wall, mine all the bridges and waterways, and turn it into an open-air prison. Once you go in, you don’t come out.

Sure, it’s been done. A couple of times now. I just think it’d be funny to see Biden in that blonde wig.

Vice News: “America’s First Black Billionaire Wants His Reparations Check, Now”
Me: “It’s Good to Want Things”

Good news, everybody: Hamilton is gonna be okay!

I’m glad we’re not wasting the taxpayers’ money on small businesses or anything stupid like that. Obviously Lin-Manuel Miranda needs that dough a lot more than a bunch of flyover losers.

This Week’s Loki Nerd Crap

Make sure to watch through the credits. Other than that, I don’t want to spoil it. All I’ll say is… how mischievous!

When you watched The Sopranos, did you ever wonder what Tony was like as a kid? Me neither. But now, almost 15 years later, we all get to find out whether we like it or not.

Okay, I can’t say I’ve given much thought to the show since it ended its run, but since when is Tony a “legend”? I thought the whole point of the show was that he was a delusional scumbag. He justified his life of crime by telling himself he was providing for his family, but in reality he was just a greedy, murdering bastard. The show was an indictment of the American dream. Tony’s obsession with conspicuous consumption just left him empty. Deep down he knew he was nothing, and all his material wealth wasn’t worth the cost to his soul, and that’s why he was always miserable. He wasn’t a legend, he was a little man who convinced people he was a big one.

Or at least that’s what I always thought the message was. David Chase only beat the viewer over the head with it again and again. But no, apparently the show was about how awesome it is to be a criminal, and now we get to see how this complete legend got his start.

Also, aren’t legends usually dead? Did HBO just admit that Tony died at the end of the series?

Well, maybe James Gandolfini’s son will be good as young Tony. He sure does look like his old man. Enjoy that hair while you’ve got it, kid.

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I’ll bet this same ironically mustachioed hipster will turn right around and decry “systemic racism” when that makes him feel self-righteous. White people who go woke respect black people only as an abstract concept, not as individual human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own. This guy doesn’t respect a black woman who’s standing right there telling him she feels unsafe, because she’s somehow less important than some pervert running around with his dick out in the ladies’ room. You can actually smell the soy seeping out of this little boy’s pores. Yuck.


She might be even worse than F**ci, and going easy on her because of her gender is sexist.