Biden Thinks Electric Cars Are Magic or Something

This Halloween, it's all tricks and no treats

Oh, Joe Biden is doing just fine. Why do you ask?

“When you buy an electric vehicle, you can go across America on a single tank of gas, figuratively speaking.”

I have questions.

  1. How much does a 3,000-mile extension cord cost?

  2. How much does it weigh?

  3. Won’t all those extension cords get tangled up, what with everybody driving hither and thither?

  4. Where does the electricity come from?

  5. Is it generated by the mighty Thor with his mystical hammer Mjölnir?

  6. Why doesn’t Joe take questions after he says stupid things like this?

  7. Don’t Americans have bigger problems right now than some fraudulent “climate crisis”?

  8. Hasn’t Biden himself created most of those problems?

  9. Why is an 80-year-old man babbling about electric cars in the first place?

  10. After the past 18 months, does anybody actually believe government makes anything better?

Other than that… sounds great, Joe!

As much as I disliked Trump, at least I didn’t vote for this guy or tell anybody it was a good idea to vote for this guy. At least I’ve got some dignity left.

In other Broken Joe news: I’m sure it’s fine that the Vatican has cancelled the live broadcast of Biden meeting with Pope Francis. Why would anybody be interested in what the head of the Catholic Church says to a U.S. president who claims to be Catholic but advocates killing babies?

But hey, it could be worse. It could be Kamala. Over at NRO, Kyle Smith makes a convincing case that Kamala isn’t just the worst VP of all time, but the worst politician of all time:

“Laughing dismissively, responding with a non sequitur, and then confessing she doesn’t understand the rudiments of politics (even the easiest rules, such as the one about appearing to take problems seriously while photographers snap away): Kamala Harris is the lady who lines up a three-inch putt but then manages to shank her Titleist off a tree.”

Veep is one of those shows I keep meaning to watch, but after Kamala, I’m sure it would feel redundant. Even a writers’ room full of Hollywood’s funniest minds couldn’t come up with someone more embarrassing than this woman. There really wasn’t a more capable, likable black woman for this job? Tiffany Haddish? Beyonce? The Pine-Sol Lady?

Which state in the U.S. has the lowest COVID-19 case rate? It’s not New York, even after a suppliant media made Anthony Cuomo a superstar until they could no longer hide his corruption and sexual deviancy. And it’s not California, even after the same media gave Gavin Newsom the same obsequious treatment until everybody realized what a hapless dip$#!+ he is.

No, it’s Florida. Y’know, the state governed by Ron DeSantis, who the media fears more than any other Republican because he’s probably going to run for president and win in 2024. Journalists hate science, but the great Karol Markowicz just set them straight:

“Florida is doing better in per-capita cases and deaths from COVID than states that put in universal mask mandates and lockdowns. But you won’t hear that from the media. Now that DeSantis’ strategy has worked, they have quietly moved on without acknowledging their predictions of doom were wrong.”

DeSantis was right, and all the journos and other Democrats who screamed at him were wrong. Which only makes them hate him twice as much.

And speaking of Andrew Cuomo:

I’m still surprised that Cuomo was forced to resign in the first place, so I’m skeptical that anything will happen to him. But over the past 18 months, it’s been nice to watch his headlines become more and more accurate. We told you ‘em along what a scumbag he is, and they didn’t listen.

How smug is Chris about all this, I wonder? He keeps getting away with all his crap. “Hey yo, Andy, guess who didn’t hafta resign from his job today? Huh? It’s me! The answer is me. I didn’t have to do dat. Ya know anybody who had ta do dat? Who’s da Fredo now, bitch?” Etc., etc.

I have a confession to make, dear reader: I am an illegal immigrant.

No hablo Ingles! Ten piedad, América!

Liberals want conservatives to shut up. Conservatives want liberals to keep talking.

And then these race-baiting clowns wonder why their ratings are lower than Aquaman’s basement.

I guess it’s possible that Huma Abedin is telling the truth — there’s a first time for everything — but unless she’s willing to name the senator who allegedly harassed her, I’m not sure why I should care about her claim. First Christine Blasey Ford made questions like “Where did it happen?” and “Where did it happen?” irrelevant. Now we’re not even supposed to ask who did it.

This unnamed senator must’ve been a Democrat, or else we’d know everything about him by now.

Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters want us to believe that a schoolgirl in Loudoun County got raped because she was asking for it, but we’re just supposed to take Huma’s word on faith? It’s like #MeToo has an on/off switch as needed.

Huma rode Hillary Clinton’s coat-tails as far as she could, and she actually thought marrying Anthony Weiner was a good idea. I question her judgment, and the judgment of anyone who trusts her.

Jon Gabriel has this one pegged: It’s just a cynical marketing ploy.

At first everybody was like, “Wow, Facebook sucks!” But then Mark Zuckerberg was like, “Oh yeah? Well, guess what?”

Okay, whatever that means. It only took 20 years for Zuckerberg to change the name of his site so it doesn’t remind you that he originally designed it to harass women at Harvard.

Judging by the unsettling, dystopian promo materials, Meta will involve some sort of virtual reality. Congratulations, Mark Zuckerberg, you’re launching us into the far-flung future of 1995!

Can’t wait to explore Zuckerberg’s brave new world of privacy invasion.

Meta: Now We’re Even Creepier!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your Halloween. I don’t have as many trick-or-treaters as I used to, ever since I installed the turrets and the moat. But that just means more candy pumpkins for me! Shut up, they’re delicious.

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