Yes, Jen Psaki, Americans Are Stranded in Afghanistan

It makes her angry because it's true

Americans are stranded in Afghanistan.

I repeat: Americans are stranded in Afghanistan.

That’s what happened. That’s what’s happening. President Biden abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban, and now thousands of Americans are stranded. They’re at the mercy of a pack of bloodthirsty thugs who Biden just handed billions of dollars’ worth of American weapons and vehicles and other equipment. It’s a disaster, it was avoidable, and it’s entirely on Biden’s head. He did this.

So of course, his administration is lying about it. Trying to rewrite reality. Gaslighting. The big lie. Whatever you want to call it. Lying is the only thing they’re qualified to do, and it just so happens they enjoy it.

Just watch Jen Psaki work herself into a completely unearned state of righteous indignation when she’s asked a reasonable question based on all available facts:

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