Where's Joe?

No matter where he is, he's not all there

Do you know where Joe Biden is right now? He may or may not be in the White House. He seems to have spent only a few hours there this week, shuffling off first to Camp David and now possibly back home to Delaware. He has no events scheduled today. As Afghanistan falls into chaos by his own edict, President Biden has just checked out.

Regardless of Biden’s physical location right now, he isn’t all there mentally. He’s not in touch with reality. You might argue he’s never really lived in the real world that the rest of us have to navigate, but if he was clueless before, he’s outright delusional now. The man is pushing 80, and he’s lost whatever cognitive faculties he once had.

Joe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president of the United States.

Consider his interview yesterday with Democratic Party activist and occasional “journalist” George Stephanopoulous, the most sympathetic interviewer Biden could ever find. Even with George’s patient assistance, the interview is even more bat$#!…

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