What Should This Blog Be?

I’m trying to think of what this blog should be, or if it should even be anything in particular. I’ve been doing this for a long time, most of it for political sites, and I’ve got enough of a reputation to make me a pariah anywhere in the mainstream (whatever that even is anymore). I like writing for PJ Media and they’re good people. And I also miss the days when I would just blog about whatever came to mind that day, or whatever dumb jokes I’d think up. No word count, no editors, just send it out there. The stuff I spend way too much time tweeting now, basically. So this might be a good place to put that stuff. Odds and ends that don’t fit elsewhere.

I dunno, this is entirely a whim. I have no idea what’s happening to the world and even less hope of changing any of it, but I can still type. So if nothing else, maybe I can keep myself from going even crazier.

Besides, if Matt Yglesias can figure it out, how tough can it be?