It's the Same Vaccine, No Matter Who's President

The Party of Science doesn't even know how science works

Congratulations, you’re one day closer to Monday.

Nicki Minaj has been feuding with MSNBC’s Joy Reid about vaccine stuff, but Reid has her own history of vaccine hesitancy. Very recent history! And as always, the indefatigable Drew Holden has the receipts:

Click that and read the whole thread. Joy Reid is a shameless hypocrite. She keeps screaming about people who are hesitant about a vaccine, which she was also hesitant about until she wasn’t.

Reid has been trying to defend herself, but unfortunately for her, she has to rely on the logic and rhetorical skills of Joy Reid:

Yeah, here’s the thing about that: IT’S LITERALLY THE SAME VACCINE. It didn’t magically transform from a bad vaccine to a good vaccine, or vice versa, just because we elected a new president. There’s not a “Trump vaccine” and a “Biden vaccine.” It’s literally the same stuff! It’s the same physical matter residing in the same universe. The only thing that’s different now is a few misfiring neurons in the brains of partisan morons like Joy Reid.

This is the woman who managed to keep her awful MSNBC show after claiming that some homophobic posts on her old blog, which she wrote before anybody even knew who she was, were planted there by a hacker. That’s right, some hacker got into a time machine, went back to 2010, and tried to ruin Joy Reid’s career by making it look like she hates gay people. She’s always loved science fiction.

Ladies and gentlemen: doublethink.

So they’re not cutting antibody treatments in Florida, they’re just… cutting antibody treatments in Florida.

Keep in mind, this is happening at the same time:

If the Biden administration doesn’t care about stranding an unknown number of Americans in Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban, why would they care about anybody in Florida? Those people voted for DeSantis, after all. They’re the enemy.

So now more people will die of COVID-19 in Florida, lacking access to a treatment that the Dems just got done attacking DeSantis for advocating. And that will be cited as proof that DeSantis is killing people in Florida.

Liberals don’t care whether you live or die. You’re just a pawn to them. A piece on a game board. It’s bad enough that they’re wrong about everything. They have to be genuinely evil to boot.

The news from the border is very bad for Biden. So guess what happens now?

A politician doesn’t have to explain bad news if he just keeps anybody from reporting on it. Biden has been doing this crap for his entire political career. Why would he stop now?

Laura Loomer says she has COVID, and a lot of lefties are gloating about it because she’s anti-vax and has said a lot of stupid things about it. I don’t like Loomer and her antics either, and I hope against hope that eventually she realizes she should’ve just gotten vaccinated. The pandemic isn’t a hoax.

But celebrating someone’s illness with a deadly virus makes you a huge piece of crap. If the person you hate is also a huge piece of crap, that just makes you two huge pieces of crap. How about not being huge pieces of crap, everybody?

Don’t be like this guy:

And no, Loomer’s illness does not strengthen the case for vaccine mandates. She has to suffer the consequences of her choice, and nobody else can make that choice for her in the United States of America. But libs only think that principle counts when you want to kill your baby.

The city of San Francisco has a mask mandate. So guess what SF Mayor London Breed did this week? She partied in a nightclub where nobody was wearing masks.

If these politicians actually believed masks did anything to slow the spread of COVID-19, they’d wear masks even when they don’t think they’re being watched. Character is what you do in the dark, and if they had any character, they wouldn’t have run for public office.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in America:

The nice thing about wearing a mask is that you’re tougher to identify when you’re a creepy asshole to strangers at the store.

What makes losers like this think they should harass people in public? Is it some malformed sense of civic duty? Vigilantism? You’re wandering around Target in cargo pants, bro, you’re not Batman.

If you don’t know who Jennifer Rubin is, you don’t need to bother reading this. If you do, you must not miss it.

I don’t claim to be Nostradamus or anything, but last week I said this:

And now we’ve got this:

Called it!

I still haven’t seen Shang-Chi, by the way. Don’t get me wrong, I like the character. The ‘70s comics are fun, if insanely overwritten. (And Marvel blatantly used Bruce Lee’s likeness for Shang-Chi, which somehow didn’t get any lawyers involved.) I’m sure the movie is great, and I’m glad it’s making money for the Walt Disney Company, but I’m just Marveled out right now. It hasn’t been the same since Tony Stark fulfilled his contractual obligations and then died. Wake me when Spidey swings back into a theater near me.

That’s right: I’m such a nerd that I feel the need to apologize for not seeing a Marvel movie!

Happy Birthday to Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She just turned... Wait, this cannot be right. She’s 70?

This woman is 70?

She really is a vampire!

Seriously, though, her voice is a little huskier, but otherwise she’s exactly the same. Yeah, it’s a ton of makeup and that wig and a push-up bra, but still. How the hell is she 70?

And how the hell is Clint Eastwood still a leading man at 91? He was good in his previous film, The Mule, because he played an old man. Which he is! The whole point of the movie was that his character was considered harmless because of his age. “How could this creaky ol’ coot be a drug-runner?” He was supposed to look and move and behave like that. Yet three years later, Clint is back to playing an ass-kicker like he did 50 years ago. But he’s not an ass-kicker anymore. He’s old and frail, and he looks ridiculous.

I’m glad Kyle Smith said it so I don’t feel like such a jerk for saying it: “A director’s first duty is to put the right people in the right parts, and you don’t cast Pee-wee Herman as Rambo.” Sorry, Clint, but your pride and your dignity need to sit down and have a long talk.

I keep thinking about Norm Macdonald joking about cancer. The part about how it’s always described as “a struggle with cancer,” and when you die, you “lost a battle with cancer.” But do you really lose? After all, the cancer dies when you die, so it’s really a draw.

That was Norm. He was my favorite comedian because he cut through all the ways we’re expected to think about the world. He saw things as they are, not as most people delude themselves into thinking they are, and he described it so plainly and bluntly that it shocked our sensibilities. We’d laugh, and then we’d say, “I’ll be darned if that fella ain’t right!”

Thanks for reading. It’s Friday and I’m tired. I’m always tired, but somehow it’s worse on Friday. I’m hanging in there anyway because I made a commitment to you, dear reader. Or at least I did if you’ve bought a subscription. If you’re one of my many freeloaders, you can just take whatever you get. I’m trying to make a living here, folks.


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