Biden Commemorates 9/11 By Getting Tougher on Americans Than on the Taliban

The ol’ divide-and-conquer technique

Joe Biden knows you’re mad at him because he’s screwing everything up. He can’t stop screwing everything up, though, because he’s Joe Biden. What he can do is distract you from being mad at him by making you mad at your fellow Americans. “Hey, what are you yellin’ at me for? You should be yellin’ at the guy next to you!” The ol’ divide-and-conquer technique. It’s unpresidential and un-American, and it’s 100% Joe Biden.

As America seethes at Biden’s disastrous failure in Afghanistan, his disastrous failure with the economy, his disastrous failure shutting down the virus like he promised, and all his other disastrous failures after a mere eight months in office, he’s finally getting tough.

On us.

#YouMightBeALiberal if you’re cheering this on after you spent four years screaming “FASCIST!” at Trump.

Biden doesn’t have the power to do this, but since when has that mattered? He’s a Democrat, so all the Democrats in our institutions will cover for him.

Impfung macht frei!

Being free from fear is not freedom. Your freedom necessarily comes with risk, and it’s up to you as an individual to assess that risk. Nobody else. Not the government, not pundits, and especially not “political scientists.”

The risk of danger isn’t a loss of freedom. It’s the cost of freedom.

At least our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters are openly admitting that Biden’s scheme1 is unconstitutional:

Once again, listen to this crap and replace “Biden” with “Trump”:

It just hits different when it’s the other team spewing this totalitarian garbage, doesn’t it?

The whole thing is bass-ackwards, because that’s Joe’s brand. Once again, he gets it precisely wrong and it’s our fault for noticing:

What the hell is this crap? The president of the United States just stood up in front of the whole world and proclaimed that these vaccines don’t work. Why else would he feel the need to protect vaccinated people from unvaccinated people?

Here’s Biden’s message: You need to get vaccinated because once you do, you’re still in danger from people who aren’t vaccinated. That’s your incentive. That’s the bizarro rationale for this brazen power grab. Please note that this messaging is completely stupid and counterproductive, assuming Biden’s goal is actually convincing the unvaccinated.

I’m vaccinated. I strongly encourage you to get vaccinated. And, also, in addition to that: THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GET TO DO THIS.

And in case you were wondering, you can add this to the growing list of Biden administration flip-flops:

But that was months ago. Ancient history. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

“The Taliban won’t take over Afghanistan after we abandon it, and also we have no choice but to do what the Taliban wants because now they’re running Afghanistan. We’re against vaccine mandates, and also we’re mandating vaccines. You are getting very sleepy.”

Remember this?

Yeah, never mind. Now the law is whatever one guy says it is.

I’m not buying the dumb arguments the supposedly smart fellers are already throwing out:

Well, if these clowns are trying to make me angry at unvaccinated people to distract me from being angry at the White House, it’s not going to work. I’m vaccinated, and therefore, because of that, I don’t care if you get vaccinated. I think you should, but that’s all my opinion is: my opinion.

It’s not gonna work, Mr. President. Rogan isn’t the bad Joe here, you are.

And now, Biden’s inevitable replacement will undercut everything he just said:

You have the right to make decisions about your own body, except when an elderly white man tells you to get vaccinated or he’ll destroy your life.

At least Kamala is wearing one of the masks she wants everybody else to wear. A lot of our betters simply don’t care about being blatant hypocrites:

Fortunately for Mayor Bowser, the virus is #woke and terrified of somebody calling it racist and/or sexist.

A fire in a makeshift Macedonian hospital devoted to COVID-19 patients has killed at least 14 people. And if recent trends are any indication, they’ll be listed as COVID-19 deaths.

People are still dying in fires. Why doesn’t the president of the United States just ban fire?

We all know what tomorrow is, and I don’t really have anything to say about it that I haven’t said a million times before. I just hope and pray that the terrorists are satisfied with making Biden dance to their tune after he surrendered to them, so they won’t blow up anything else tomorrow.

I finally saw Contagion, AKA The One Where Gwyneth Paltrow Dies in the First Nine Minutes, which was released 10 years ago yesterday. And boy oh boy, am I glad I didn’t see it 18 months ago. I already had a nervous breakdown in the early days of the pandemic, and this movie probably would’ve sent me over the edge.

The movie’s pandemic is eerily prescient about a lot of things we’ve seen over the past year and a half. The fictional Chinese virus kills much more quickly than COVID-19, is much easier to spread, and has a much higher body count. But the reactions to the virus are the same: the fear and paranoia and panic, the misinformation, the bureaucratic incompetence and double-dealing, the horrible isolation, the rioting, the all-pervading sense of helplessness. Many of the details are different, but the broad shape of it is the same.

And I finally know what all of Sonny Bunch’s “Forsythia” jokes are about.

It’s also a darkly funny movie. The screenwriter gave Elliott Gould the greatest boomer insult about blogging that I’ve ever heard:

Speaking as a blogger: I love it! That blogger, played by Jude Law, is the closest thing to a bad guy in the whole movie. But he also looks like Jude Law, so it all evens out.

I had some quibbles with the film, mostly its depiction of the later stages of the fictional pandemic. It doesn’t really give you a feel for the scope and scale of 26 million people worldwide dying of a communicable disease in less than six months. But the most unrealistic moment of all was when Laurence Fishburne’s character, a CDC bigwig, does something well-meaning but unethical and gets caught (by the aforementioned blogger!), so his superiors tell him he’ll be investigated by Congress and he can’t go on television anymore. However noble his intentions, his actions have consequences.

If you’ve turned on a TV in the last 18 months, you know that such a scenario is just...

Bloggers have uncovered all sorts of unethical behavior from that guy, and he’s not going anywhere.

And Fauci is responsible for the other big difference between Contagion and our reality in 2021: The movie’s “MEV-1” virus originated with a single Chinese bat in the wild, not from a Chinese virology lab doing gain-of-function research, with the help of the same guy who goes on TV and scolds us every goddamn day.

I’m not sure I can really recommend Contagion, because you can get the same foreboding and dread just by turning on the news. But it sure does get a lot of things right about the way we live now.

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