Biden Acts Like Crazy Person During 9/11 Ceremony

He has dementia and we all know it

There’s no question that Joe Biden is a bad president. The past eight months have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. And it’s not as if he’s going to get any better. The only question is whether Biden can be held legally responsible for his many, many failures. Is he just too mentally incapacitated to understand how mentally incapacitated he is?

Here’s the latest example of this confused old fossil’s strange and inappropriate behavior:

This is definitely presidential behavior at a 9/11 memorial. Nothing to worry about. It’s not indicative of the man’s mental health or suitability for office, and no journos will try to find out who he was yelling at or why, because he’s not a Republican.

Gotta love Barry’s reaction:

He’s like Jim from The Office.

This White House is basically a sitcom, except it’s not funny and people keep dying horribly. In case you missed it, Biden’s triumphant surrender to the Taliban was capped off by murdering a U.S. ally and his seven children:

Well, that’s what he gets for helping Americans.

If you’re sick of Joe Biden already, you’re not the only one:

The heckling aside, just check out that stupid old man’s mask protocol. Yeah, dummy, keep your mask on until you get right in somebody’s face, and then pull it down. That’s the whole point of wearing a mask, right?

Everybody’s tired of Biden:

I don’t want to f*** Joe Biden. I just want him to go away.

Can you spot the problem with the following assertion?

Vaccinate the unvaccinated, I get that part. Yes, okay, increase testing and masking, good. But protecting the vaccinated?


That’s the whole point of the vaccine! And it’s working. The vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated. It’s not a sure thing, because no vaccine is, but it’s been miraculously effective. Yet these idiots keep undercutting that reality. They can’t or won’t knock it off with the constant fearmongering.

For the 10,000th time: I’m vaccinated. I think you should get vaccinated too. And, also, in addition to that, the Biden administration’s COVID-19 messaging is completely incoherent. “You need to get vaccinated to protect other people who are vaccinated, and once you’re vaccinated, you’re still in danger.” Wait, what?

This incoherence just stokes panic and hysteria:

As if attending a Maroon 5 concert isn’t humiliating enough already. If I were king, those guys would be put on a rocket and shot into the sun. But you still should be able to go see them without having to prove you’re not going to “endanger the vaccinated.”

This isn’t about science, it’s about control. And nothing controls people better than fear.

Hey, check out this jerk.

That’s Fadel Alkilani, a student at Washington University in St. Louis, and I assume he’s the real victim here. He’s got a bright future in the Democratic Party.

Malignant starts off as a bad movie, and then, so gradually that you almost don’t notice, it becomes a completely different sort of bad movie. It’s two awful movies mixed up together like one of those new Heinz sauces, Buffaranch or Mayochup. In other words, it’s disgusting and wrong. But it’s not predictable and it’s not boring. It’s the sort of movie I’d like to see Joe Bob Briggs host someday.

Plus, Jean Louisa Kelly is in it. I’ve liked her ever since Uncle Buck, so it’s nice that she’s still plugging away. And she plays a tour guide in the Seattle Underground, which is a very creepy place IRL and it’s about time somebody used it in a horror flick.1

After a decade of fits and starts, the Y: The Last Man series is finally here. Based on the DC comic written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra, it’s set in a world where all the genetic males in the world suddenly die one day. We all just cough up blood and collapse. Dead. A feminist’s dream, right? Now the only two males left on Earth are a complete loser named Yorick Brown and his pet capuchin monkey, Ampersand.2

Hulu just put up the first three episodes, and I’ve watched the first one. It’s all setup, introducing us to the cast of characters: wannabe “escape artist” Yorick, his sister Hero, their mother Jennifer (a powerful U.S. senator who’s basically Nancy Pelosi), and Agent 355, a black female superspy. The pilot shows us the world “The Day Before” the malepocalypse, and it helpfully makes all the men assholes so we don’t miss them when they drop dead.

I read the first year or so of the comic back in 2002, before Yorick got so annoying that I just didn’t care anymore. It was time to stop reading when I started rooting for the human race to die off already. And if the TV pilot is any indication, Yorick will be every bit as insufferable. But the first season is only 10 episodes, so I’ll give him that long before I give up on him again. Maybe he’ll surprise me this time.

If you’re not sure whether this show was filmed in Canada, consider that the president of the United States is played by Paul Gross from Due South. Can’t get much more Canadian than that. It’s nice to see Gross on American TV again, even if he does end up dying horribly. That’s not really a spoiler since it’s the whole premise of the show.

Now we get to find out how the women will run the world without us, fellas. It should be a piece of cake, right?

So this just happened:

Halloween isn’t for another six weeks, but Grandma just couldn’t wait to bust out her Sexy SS costume. She didn’t perform, mercifully. All she did was show off… whatever that is, drop an F-bomb, and stumble away with her butt implants. She said about 25 words, had trouble getting them out, and seemed wobbly on her feet.

Is Madonna okay?

Some fun facts about Madonna Louise Ciccone:

  • On the day she was born, the #1 song in America was “Poor Little Fool” by Ricky Nelson.

  • She performed at the first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984, 37 years ago this week. And 37 years before that, television was in its infancy and the abbreviation “TV” had not yet been coined.

  • She’s the same age Bea Arthur was when The Golden Girls premiered in 1985, and one year older than Estelle Getty was.

It’s too bad Willard Scott just passed away, or he could start reading Madonna’s birthday on the air every year.

Whoops! Is that sexist? Is that “age-shaming”? Am I wrong to mock Madonna for desperately trying to stay relevant and using her vast wealth to manufacture a bizarre simulacrum of youth? Am I a bad person for noticing that she’s obviously moved into an assisted living facility in the uncanny valley? I’m a bad person, then.

For what it’s worth, rich men who do this to themselves are gross too. I’m looking at you, Sly Stallone and Tom Cruise. Just get old, dudes. It happens to us all, if we’re lucky.

Okay, nerds, here’s your latest Marvel thing:

Looks like this is the MCU’s take on the Matt Fraction/David Aja run of Hawkeye from a decade ago, recasting Clint Barton as basically a neighborhood guy who just happens to be preternaturally good with a bow and arrow. Which is complicated a bit because the movies have saddled Barton with a family, and his whole arc in Infinity War and Endgame was getting them back after Thanos snapped them into oblivion. Now his family is getting shuffled offstage yet again so he can galavant around with his younger female counterpart? Okay, whatever.

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This is the part where some nerd points out all the movies that have used the Seattle Underground. Okay, fine, you know more about movies than I do. Congratulations.


He’s a CGI creation and I love him already. Ampersand, that is, not Yorick. Never Yorick.