Antifa (Which Is Just Plain Fa) Literally Fights Against Women's Rights

Fascists gonna fash

This weekend there was another riot outside the upscale LA spa that allows men to walk around naked in the women’s area, because it’s California and “transgender rights” override women’s rights. Antifa is always looking for an excuse to be violent thugs, so misogyny is as good a reason as any.

This has nothing to do with accepting people who are different. This is about abusing women under the guise of wokeness. This is about using force and intimidation to push a political agenda. This is about “anti-fascists” who are too stupid and/or dishonest to admit they’re just plain fascists.

As I noted the first time this happened a couple of weeks ago, the mental gymnastics are amazing: Men are evil, unless they identify as women, in which case their rights supersede those of genetic females, who are bigots for wanting to go to the spa without seeing naked men, who are evil, unless they identify as women, in which case...

These are not good people. These are not sane people. You don’t have to do what they demand, no matter how loudly they scream at you.

Over the weekend, a pornstar named Brandi Love was kicked out of Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. Ms. Love didn’t have a booth there. She wasn’t a speaker. She just decided to buy a ticket and attend like everybody else, because she agrees with them politically. She was fully clothed, even. She wasn’t wearing anything you wouldn’t see on Fox News.

Okay, since you’re paying me to express opinions about these things (and if you’re not, you should start), here goes:

  1. If you hold a political conference and sell tickets, you can 86 anyone you want for any reason

  2. If you kick out a ticket-holder because of her day job, which is also the occupation held by at least one woman Trump has paid off, and you’re a bunch of Trump supporters, it might make the rest of us a little curious

  3. What, you want her to start voting Democrat?

TPUSA can do what they want at their own convention. And, also, in addition to that, those of us who have been paying attention to the news for the past five years can ask why TPUSA banned one of the pornstars that their hero Trump likes so much.

“But there are underage kids at that convention!” Okay. Was Ms. Love trying to hire them to do porn? Was she filming one of her movies on the convention floor? No?

If those kids are nerdy enough to attend a political conference while they’re still in high school, they probably pay attention to the news and they know who Stormy Daniels is. Trump obviously didn’t have a problem hanging out with pornstars. Now they’re being kicked out of Trump gatherings. How do you reconcile these two opposing views in your own mind?1

If you’re worried about corrupting the youth, why do you like Trump so much? Why are you rejecting a Trump supporter just because of what she does for a living? Would you rather she voted for Biden, or more likely Harris, in 2024?

If you have moral objections to pornography, that’s your right as an American. But just allowing somebody to walk into a political conference she’s paying to attend doesn’t mean you’re advocating her career path or her personal choices. Tolerance does not equal approval.

If I ever went to a political convention,2 I wouldn’t assume all of my fellow attendees would like me or agree with me. And vice versa. But this woman can’t even walk into a convention center full of people because she might get her porn cooties on them? Can’t you love the sinner but hate the sin?

This kind of stuff reminds me why I’m a libertarian, and also why nobody likes libertarians. We’re so annoying!

Whenever I see a headline about an Asian-American being attacked in a Democrat-controlled city, I always pay attention to when race is mentioned and when it isn’t. For example, what do the following two news stories have in common?

Both of the attackers are black. Many of the people attacking Asian-Americans across the country over the past year have been black. Not in all cases, but well over 50%.

But the press can’t say that, because they’ve decided the narrative is “white supremacy.” Everything bad that happens in 2021 America is due to white people. So when a black guy beats up an Asian woman in broad daylight, it’s not useful for propaganda purposes and it gets minimized.

And if you notice what the press is doing, somehow you’re the racist.

Ken Burns: “This is the most fraught time in the history of our republic”
Our republic: “Ken Burns needs a watch that Ken Burns miniseries about the Civil War”

Those Texas Dems have done it again:

And what about all the people they’ve been meeting with in Washington? What about the vice president?

At first she was like:

But then she was like:

I sincerely hope Harris is okay, because she’s the vice president of the United States and the next person in the presidential line of succession is Nancy Pelosi. Holy crap!

I also hope those Texas Dems are thinking about what they’ve done:

Leave it to my homie Midnight Mitch to sum it all up:

Over the last three months, Missouri Congresswoman (and faith healer) Cori Bush has spent about $70,000 of her campaign funds on private security. Which is pretty funny when you consider how much she wants to defund the police. She can afford protection for herself, but she doesn’t want to pay the cops to protect anybody else. She’s got hers, and to hell with the rest of us.

An author who collaborated with the late John McAfee now claims the antivirus entrepreneur was flat broke when he died, losing $100 million in bad real estate deals. Which lines up with what McAfee claimed just a week before he committed suicide:

Of course, that’s assuming you believe he killed himself. Occam’s Razor tells me that’s what happened, but YMMV. The whole thing just makes me sad.

And speaking of sad: Biz Markie. Aw, man. I can’t believe he’s gone. The guy was only 57.

Everybody wants to talk about “Just a Friend,” which is great, but this is my favorite Biz Markie moment ever:

“Zig-zog, zog-a-zig, zog-a-zoog-a-za / No matter what I say, it always come out fly.” They just don’t write lyrics like that anymore.

He was friends with the Beastie Boys, who put this immortal moment on record:

Biz is also a significant figure in the history of hip-hop because of the 1991 copyright case against him, Grand Upright Music, Ltd. v. Warner Bros. Records Inc., which changed the whole industry. Since then, rappers have had to clear all their samples with the original copyright owners. Now we’ll never hear another masterpiece like Paul’s Boutique, with dozens of samples arranged in new and surprising ways. At least not legally for sale.3

Biz Markie was a great performer and made me smile every time I heard him. R.I.P.

I’m starting to feel vindicated about not seeing Black Widow, because the American moviegoing public agrees with me. The box office dropped 67% from last week, and it took second place to a crappy reboot of a basketball movie with 80-year-old cartoon characters. And keep in mind that people can also watch Space Jam: A Cynical Cash-Grab on HBO Max without paying an extra $30, like Disney Plus is asking.

If the Chinese Communist Party had unleashed their deadly global plague in early 2019 and Avengers: Endgame had been delayed for over a year, I’d have to imagine everybody would be even more eager to see it by July 2020. It would’ve made even more money, because everybody wanted to see Thanos get his big purple butt kicked.

But a Black Widow movie? After they already killed her off? It just feels like an afterthought. Maybe it would’ve been a huge hit if it had come out in 2016, which is apparently the year it’s set. But now? Nah.

I wonder if the Marvel movies will have the same problem the comics had back in the ‘70s, after being such a commercial and cultural phenomenon in the ‘60s. Once the novelty wore off, the brand name alone wasn’t enough to keep fans forking over their dough. Pumping out titles with second- and third-string characters didn’t cut it. The magic was gone. You could still find some gems here and there, but the golden age was over.

Twelve years is a good run. Disney is swimming in a Scrooge McDuck pile of gold. If the whole superhero thing starts to fizzle out, at least they’ve still got… Star Wars? Hmm. Maybe not.

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