Anthony Fauci Is Immune to Answering Questions

COVID 19, Fauci 0

Are you tired of Anthony Fauci yet?

Here he is yesterday, giving Rand Paul the runaround again:

Yeah, about that, Dr. Fauci:

Stephen “Not the Trump Guy” Miller goes into Fauci’s rhetorical tricks on his latest podcast. Fauci plays these little games whenever he testifies about this stuff. When he gets a question he doesn’t want to answer, he pretends not to know what his interlocutor is talking about, he parses and nitpicks the technical language, he blusters, and other cheap obfuscatory tricks. Subterfuge. He is shady as hell.

I agree with Miller that Paul is making a mistake by going straight at Fauci so aggressively, because Fauci just puts up his defenses. He makes himself out to be some sort of victim, with the eager help of the media. That’s not the right approach. You need to let Fauci feel comfortable, so he drops his “aggrieved scientist” act and keeps talking until he accidentally says something true.

Not that the partisans on either side care, because they just want “their team” to win, but some of us actually want to know how and why this has been happening to us for the past 18 months. We want Fauci to stop playing these games and just tell the truth.

And if Rand Paul doesn’t know what he’s talking about, if he’s got the definition of gain of function wrong… then what is gain of function? Paul read out the definition during that hearing. If that’s not the correct definition, what is?

Are any journalists going to ask Fauci for his definition of gain of function? If not, why not?

Ha ha, just kidding. There are very few journalists left, and the real ones are ever allowed anywhere near Saint Anthony.

And how’s this for a pullquote:

This is, of course, a lie. Fauci is first and foremost a politician, and politicians lie. He lied to us about masks because he thought we couldn’t handle the truth. He lied to us about herd immunity because he thought we couldn’t handle the truth. And now it sure sounds like he’s lying about gain of function research. He doesn’t act like a guy who’s being honest.

I don’t trust Anthony Fauci anymore, and I don’t trust anybody who expects me to trust him. I want nothing to do with the weird little cult these freaks have built around him. They have the right to their religious beliefs, but it’s not science.

Speaking of diminutive Italian politicians with fading media cults: Andrew Cuomo. I’ve given up hope that Cuomo is ever going to face justice for his crimes, but it’s nice that some of the journos are still keeping track of his lies: Cuomo administration reports lower death toll from COVID-19 in New York than federal data shows.

If you’ve been paying attention, this is exactly what the press keeps accusing Ron DeSantis of doing in Florida. They’ve actually turned Rebekah Jones into a minor celebrity because of her false accusations. Meanwhile, it looks like it’s actually happening in New York, and most of these journos couldn’t care less.

I’m sorry to pick on Italian-Americans today, but they’re in the news. As the old adage goes, the man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. And there’s no bigger fool than this guy:

Note that this is Avenatti’s California trial, separate from the New York court that just sentenced him to 30 months in prison.

Not long ago, this guy was all over cable news. He was on CNN more than some of the hosts. He was the one who was going to save them from Trump, and they swallowed all his bombastic bull$#!+. But now they all just pretend he doesn’t exist. He humiliated them, and seeing his face is just a reminder of their own corruption.

Not to worry, Michael. We still remember you! You’re not going through this alone. We’ll be with you the whole way. Pointing and laughing.

The Los Angeles Times is blaming the Wi Spa riots on… can you guess? That’s right, it’s those evil right-wingers! The LAT just published a 2,000-word story on Antifa’s latest rioting, and at no point does the story mention Antifa. A bunch of thugs in black bloc keep attacking women in the street, in defense of men being allowed to walk around naked in a women’s spa, and the local paper blames the victims. It’s just left-wing propaganda. Well, that’s the LA Times.

Once again, as you listen to the Biden White House openly calling for online censorship, just try to imagine the reaction if you were hearing this a year ago:

And guess who decides what is and isn’t “misinformation”? Guess who decides what is and isn’t “irresponsible”? It sure ain’t you or me.

It’s Biden’s own fault that he missed his vaccination deadline, and trying to silence dissenters isn’t going to convince them they’re wrong. But Dems never think it’s authoritarianism when they do it.

If Megan Rapinoe spent a little less time scolding America and a little more time at soccer practice, maybe we wouldn’t see things like this:

Speaking as a white heterosexual male American, I assume this is somehow my fault.

Rapinoe had better hope her team snaps out of it if she wants to keep getting those endorsement deals. Making her the face of Victoria’s Secret is a tough sell to begin with, but if she only ends up bringing home a silver or bronze medal? Or worse yet, none at all? Boy oh boy.

Americans can put up with an Olympic athlete who hates America, because she wins games anyway. What does she think will happen when she starts losing?

I believe Andrew Stiles at the Washington Free Beacon is the funniest writer on the internet, which he tells me is evidence that I should get off the internet. Until that glorious day, check out Stiles’ review of “anti-racism” guru Robin DiAngelo’s new book, Nice Racism.

He is not a fan:

“According to DiAngelo’s exhausting worldview, white people shouldn’t be allowed to be friends with a non-white person until they’ve ‘done some work on their own racial identity.’ Even then, only about ‘one in ten’ will ever be deserving of a non-white person’s trust. That might explain why DiAngelo’s agenteditor, and publicist are all white.”

Nice Racism isn’t selling, which is of course just further proof that America is fundamentally racist and needs Robin DiAngelo to save us. That’ll be her next book. And she’ll probably write another one, because libs can’t stop wagging their fingers at the rest of us even when it stops making them money.

I was probably too old to enjoy Jackass as much as I did 20 years ago, and I’m definitely too old for their foolishness now. But as a wise man once said: “You’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.”

Those lovable clowns are in their 40s and 50s now, but enough about their IQs. They’re still doing insane things to themselves in the name of entertainment, and somehow most of them are still alive:

Johnny Knoxville is starting to look like Irving Zisman for real now.

It’s been over 10 years since these guys endangered their lives for our amusement, and all I can say is… what took them so long? If 50-year-old Knoxville wants to keep putting himself in the hospital just to momentarily relieve my boredom, I’m all for it. These idiots generate more LOLs per minute than anybody else out there.

I hope they’re saving their money, though. This had got to be it for them, right? Seriously, 50 is pushing things as it is. Does anybody really want to see these guys doing this stuff in their 60s and 70s?

Yeah, I guess I do. Why not? I laugh my ass off, and they get paid a lot of money. God bless America!

In other Old Person News: Happy anniversary to Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses, which was released 34 years ago today. To put that into perspective, 34 years before Appetite for Destruction, nobody had heard of Elvis Presley yet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go bang my head to some GNR for 10-15 seconds and then grab an ice pack and a nap.

Twitter is a lot of things, many of them bad. But one of the good things about Twitter is @KidsWriteJokes. It’s a British account with a steady stream of joke attempts sent in by children, and it’s funnier than most professional comedians. I check it out every day, and sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me think.

This one made me do both:

That just about sums up human history, doesn’t it? You spend your whole life fending off false accusations and/or trying to get people who you know are lying to admit it, and then everybody dies anyway. Then the next generation does the same thing, learning nothing from anything that’s gone before. And on and on and on, until the sun burns out and all is dust and cold and silence.

Damn, that kid nailed it!

And then there’s this one, which might be the most perfect joke ever written:


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